Bill and Will's Synth Construction
Sorting Resistors
Detail Photos

Over the course of building our first few modules, we developed a technique for sorting out the resistors by value during the first step of the kit building process (which is to account for all the parts).  The technique is simple - we just put the different value resistors in separate zip lock bags with a post-it in each bag indicating their value, and the color coding.  When we got several kits put together, we realized that we should just keep the bags clipped together in between kits so we could just re-use them next time. 

So now what we do is - we have this group of bags clipped together -  most of the bags get re-used.  And when there's a new value, we add a new bag to the lot. 

Here's how that looks:

Here's a handy-dandy Resistor Color Coding Chart I found at "Electrical & Electronic Knowledge Share" on line.  I glommed it - hope they don't mind too much.