MOTM Face Plate Schematic Drawings

In the process of planning my modular analog synth, I drew schematic drawings of the faces of the modules.  Then, by creating .jpgs from the drawings, I assembled them into layouts to help me determine optimal configuration.  I also created a patch sheet I can use to record my patches. I'm posting the .jpgs here so others can use them to create designs and patch sheets.  I didn't make drawings of the power modules (900 & 950) because I'm putting mine on the back of my synth case.  To download a Power Point file of my 11" X 17" design/patch-sheet to use in developing your own, click here.

For what it's worth, I'll post the design of my synth case here sometime soon along with the related AutoCad files.


MOTM 101 -
Noise Sample & Hold Module

(click on these thumbnails to open  full-sized images you can save and use)


MOTM 120 -
Sub-Octave Multiplexer


MOTM 190 -
Micro Voltage Controlled Amplifier (Ring Modulator) Module


MOTM 300 -
Ultra Voltage Controlled Oscillator


MOTM 310 -
Micro Voltage Controlled Oscillator


MOTM 310 -
Micro Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module


MOTM 320 -
Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator


MOTM 380 -
Quad Low Frequency Oscillator Module


MOTM 390 -
Micro Low Frequency Oscillator Module


MOTM 410 -
Triple Resonant Filter with Dual VCLFO


MOTM 420 -
Voltage Controlled Filter


MOTM 440 -
Discrete OTA Voltage-Controlled Lowpass Filter with VC Resonance


MOTM 450 -
Fixed Filter Bank Module

(from Paul's new-stuff Page)


MOTM 480 -
CS-80 Resonant Filter


MOTM 485 -
GX-1 Voltage Controlled Filter


MOTM 490 -
Micro Voltage Controlled Filter Module


MOTM 510 -


MOTM 650 -
4-Channel MIDI-CV Converter


MOTM 700 -
Dual 2:1 Voltage-Controller Router


MOTM 800 -
ADSR Envelope Generator


MOTM 820 -
Voltage-Controlled Lag Processor


MOTM 830 -
Dual-Mode Mixer